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Wentworth Wharf

Just at the riverbank of Darling River, east of Wentworth Central Inn lies a historical landmark of the town, Wentworth Wharf. Originally established in 1879 and later rebuilt to an exact replica, this was the third busiest inland port in NSW after Sydney and Newcastle. Built using local timber and now a major landmark, this Wharf is a great place to start your exploration of Wentworth localities.

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Perry Sandhills

Just a short 6-km drive to the west brings you to the Perry Sandhills, 333-hectare sand dunes originated almost 40,000 years back. Notably, these red sandhills have been used in a number of films and shows for rendering magical backdrop scenes. Not too far from the hotel, these impressive sand dunes offer a spectacular view of the Red Gum river eaten-up by the continually shifting sand and inspire a location perfect for picnics and day trips.

If history excites you, there’s more to what archeologists could dig up from these ice-aged remnants of the Wentworth Region and the surroundings of the Mungo National Park and Perry Sandhills. Let’s head over to:


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Wentworth Pioneer Museum

Explore the ancient antiquities and archeological findings displayed in Wentworth’s historical Pioneer Museum. The display of skeleton remains and fossils date back in time to when Mega-fauna like 3-meter Kangaroos called Procoptodons existed. While olden relics may not excite everyone, they're most definitely riveting for historians.

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Old Wentworth Gaol

An additional bonus would be the heritage-listed Old Wentworth Gaol just a 5-minute walk from the hotel which has now become a museum. Architecturally designed by James Barnet, the designer of Sydney’s GPO and Customs House, this century-old prison was built around 1880 and used one million bricks. Now it’s a museum and a spectacle for travellers to visit during their trip to the town.


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Mungo National Park

The World Heritage Mungo National Park is home to plausibly the most valuable human remains ever discovered in Australia, Mungo Lady, and Mungo Man. These findings shaped how we view the history of Australia today. 

If you’re less of a history lover but more of a nature lover, there’s something for you too. You can camp at the shore of Lake Mungo and enjoy the waters or take a tour of the magnificent Walls of China.

Fancy a longer road trip? Get your gear ready, start your engines, and embark on the world-famous Darling River Run from the opposite end.


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Darling River Run

Just under 950 km, the Darling River Run is a driving route that retraces Australia’s third longest river Darling from where it meets Murray at Wentworth, traverses through indigenous population and culture, and ends at Brewarrina. It’s a four-day drive and offers a true adventure thanks to the indigenous culture, millennium-old rock arts, remote and serene lakes, and the bustling Darling river always rushing beside you. 

But if you’re short on time and just wish to relax on a peaceful riverside not too far from the hotel, then Junction Park is your heavenly destination.

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Junction Park

A serene and wonderful riverside park with an observation tower that overlooks the milky textures of Darling merging with the blue-green Murray rivers. Immersing into the scenery of two enchanting rivers uniting from under the shade of eucalyptus leaves is what Junction Park is all about. It’s just a few minutes down the road from Wentworth Central Motor Inn and a location we recommend visiting during your stay with us.

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